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Retirement Planning

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For years you have been accumulating retirement assets in your IRA, an employer sponsored plan, or even in your savings account. However, having retirement savings does not mean that you are ready to retire. It is essential that you have a plan that will guide you from the accumulation phase to and through the distribution phase. Your plan will take into consideration where and how you will live, which income sources you should draw on first, as well as addressing a host of other issues.

Key Steps to Retirement Planning

⦁ Work with a Trusted Financial Advisor

⦁ Define Your Retirement

⦁ Review Your Assets

⦁ Evaluate Your Benefits – Employer, Healthcare, Government Pension

⦁ Decide How Much You Want or Need to Work

⦁ Create a Retirement Budget

⦁ Plan for the Unexpected

⦁ Leaving a Legacy